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  1. Nice job Janet! Love your writing and tone, not to mention content, links, production. I know it takes a lot of time, but what fun! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Janet, This is a wonderful blog!
    Just one question…is there a site within your blog pages to sign up to receive email notifications of a new entries? Is it on FB? I’d like to read your blogs when they become current.
    Thank you

  3. Hi Janet,
    Thanks so much for liking us on Facebook! I hope you can share our webpage with others.

    I love your website and the subjects. Our chickens are so spoiled and are our “dogs”. Steve does not want us to have any more dogs, so the girls are the next best thing!

    All our best! Terri

  4. Great article about bumble foot! I lost my favorite hen 4 weeks ago. She had bumble foot and my vet performed surgery on it. She was taking antibiotics after the surgery, unfortunately the infection came back with a vengeance a month after surgery, the vet changed the antibiotics and it seemed like her foot was healing very well. Sadly due to the prolonged use of antibiotics,her liver was not working right and things got complicated.I had to make the hard decision to have her euthanized. Ever since then, I inspect my flock every month and now my other leghorn has a small spot (not swollen) in her foot pad and I am going to start treating her with tricide neo. I hope that this infection is so small and caught in the early stages that the soaks will take care of it. I want to avoid using oral antibiotics as much as I can. Wish me luck!
    Also I want to thank you for sharing your experience with your chickens and bumble foot.

  5. Hi Janet,
    My name is Christy and I have a little backyard farm.  I have 18 chickens (17 hens and a rooster).  I currently have a little Salmon Faverolles hen, Pearl, who has had recurring bumblefoot for about a year now, maybe longer.  I’ve done the surgery on her several times.  Each time, it seems to get a bit better but the swelling between the toes always reappears after a few months.  I am certain it’s because I’m not getting it all out each time.  But I don’t want to damage her tendons and nerves and am not comfortable digging too deeply.  I also know it’s painful for them to have their feet carved on.  I hate the surgery and I know they do too.  

    The last time I worked on her, I did a lot of soaking in Epsom salts water.  I would soak her feet each night for about 10 minutes trying to draw out the infection and making the scab easier to peel off.  The last time I did this, I was able to peel the scab off and pull out a large plug.  The foot looked better than it had in a long time. But unfortunately, she has swelling again that’s showing between her toes.  

    I have ordered some tricide neo and would like to give this a shot.  I was doing some searching on the internet and stumbled on your blog and subsequently, your Facebook page.  I know it doesn’t always work on some cases, but I’m willing to give it a shot since it would only involve nightly soaks and no surgery or bandaging.  It can’t hurt at least.

    I noticed on one of the comments on your blog post about bumblefoot (specifically, the one date August of this year) that you are currently treating (or were treating) a more severe case than you ever had before with tricide neo.  I’m very curious as to how that’s going and if you are having luck with the treatment of the more severe case.  My hen is walking okay and does not act sick at all, but I know it will only get bigger and worse.  I let my birds range around in an enclosed pen under some pine trees and just know that there is no way to completely prevent them from possibly injuring a foot and getting bumblefoot.  I also cannot constantly take them to a vet for hundreds of dollars worth of surgery for something that will most likely occur and reoccur again.  I would be at the vet with one constantly.  

    I also noticed that my little Leghorn, Prissy, now has some swelling on one foot between her toes.  I’m sure that’s bumblefoot as well.  

    So, to sum up, any advice you can offer me would be greatly appreciated.  I am very curious to see if you’ve had luck again on the more severe case you were treating.  I know you had 3 previous hens that it worked on.  How about your newest case?  I guess if I can just keep it from getting any worse and possibly reduce the swelling so that they can have a decent quality of life, I’d be happy.  

  6. I have been dealing with bumble foot for over a year now with different results. 2 of my hens recovered from it after treating them with tricide neo. One had to be euthanized after treating her for 7 weeks and then having surgery at the vet’s.
    The surgery went well, but there was a lot of stress for her adding to the fact that it was summer and the heat was tough on her. I kept her on a cage inside the run which is covered with a roof and she had a fan blowing all the time. I wanted to keep her with the flock thinking that it would be better when she was recovered from the surgery in both feet. On second thoughts, I hit myself on the head because I should have kept her in my “chicken room” where I have an AC running.She might have made it. She got egg peritonitis and I had the vet put her down.
    On the other hand, I am treating another hen with a mild case of bumblefoot. She is on her 4th week of tricide neo soaks. After my 2 experiences with bumblefoot surgery, I am very reluctant to do surgery and I am hoping for the best on her recovery. I have been all over the web looking for all kind of info I can get for tricide neo treatment, I know all of this is completely anecdotal based on everyone’s experience but it is all we have right now. I am anxiously awaiting for Janet’s response. I love my girls and I want the best for them, I also have to think about their quality of life. Keeping them safe, providing a comfortable place to live, clean water and feed and a roaming area. So when it comes to caging them and making them go thru the trauma of surgery and the subsequent handling and bandaging and after all this, the infection might come back, it is just a tough decision to make.

  7. Hi, Janet-
    I’m a sustainable skills teacher from Maynard, MA and just stumbled on your page! So great to “meet” you and I’m looking forward to learning from your site to teach kids in our area. Thanks so much for all your postings!
    www (dot) facebook (dot) com/cookingwithmrsg

  8. Yes, I love it already! The kids and I have already made Autumnberry fruit leather and your blog helped me identify them 🙂 Thanks again for your eloquent, informative postings!

  9. Your “10 Myths about Predators” came across my pinterest feed this morning and I am SO glad it’s out there! I even tolerate groundhogs here in my garden. Often with a harumph, but I’m not going to kill them. Keep up the good work!

  10. I was just wondering if any of your ‘walk’ or trails are dog friendly and/or approved? Any sites that I can walk with my dog?

  11. Hi, Janet – just found this site! I live 5 minutes from the farm. I am friends with the “Tilly’s Nest” and “Chicken-Chick” poultry keepers.

    I am an animal behaviorist and my field work is on chickens – especially Roosters! I help people learn about chickens and offer troubleshooting and advice.

    I’d love to chat with you!

    Black Thistle Farm and Poultry Rescue

  12. Looking for Dandelion Greens seed that are raised from stock not influenced by stray varieties. We like this for our salads!

    Jeff Keith

  13. Hi Janet, When I was on Pinterest I came your sites. There was so many that I liked to Pinned. My husband and I have a little farm too. Around 17 acres. I just retired and I’m doing more canning. Also, my daughter is helping too, we are teaching the granddaughters. My I join your sites. Thank YOu, June Whightsel (today is 6/26/2016)

  14. Hello, I am a teacher in a small school district in Minnesota. I’ve inherited a bit over grown prairie restoration garden. The students I work with are working on a 5 year plan to restore the garden. Part of their plan includes adding a small area for vegetables. They designed, constructed and added 3 raised bed garden. My job (assigned by students!)this summer is to investigate native plants that would provide nutritional value, yet match the overall purpose of the whole garden. They are working to create a garden blends the needs of nature, people and sustainability. I am wondering if you have any recommendations for plants to include, or perhaps a resource that I can read up on this.

  15. Thank you so much for this wonderful site… especially the information on Bumblefoot and Tricede Neo medication. I have e-mailed you also.

  16. A friend referred me to your site and I’ve been enjoying the archives. In particular, I want to thank you for presenting reasonable, fact and experience based material. Too much of the web is conjecture and nonsense and your site is a breath of fresh air, free of magic potions, silver bullets, hyperbole and nonsense. I really appreciate it.

  17. I have the weed purslane in super abundance on all my property. Being it is so nutritious, wouldn’t it be good for the chickens instead of just tossing out when weeding?

  18. Hello Janet,

    I just read your information on Sunflowers….so interesting!

    My husband and I are stepping trying a space in our community garden this year, and a larger area. I so want to plant some Sunflowers, but I’m wondering what plants I should not plant near Sunflowers.

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