Porcupine Tracks and Sign

Porcupine tracks and sign

Learn to recognize porcupine tracks and sign, including a variety of feeding signs, dens, and scat of this large, prickly,herbivorous rodent.

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Quabbin Wildlife Tracking Program 1/10/2015

Quabbin wildlife tracking programs

Moose, deer, bobcat, porcupine, and grouse were among the animals we found evidence of, in our January 10, 2015 Quabbin wildlife tracking program.

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Hickory nuts: Rodent sign

While out foraging for shagbark hickory nuts (Carya ovata) in Bolton, MA this morning, I noticed abundant sign of other animals doing the same. Near a beaver wetland in a mixed oak / white pine / red maple / black … Continue reading

Tracking Bobcats in Massachusetts

I love wildlife, even predators. Yes, it’s true, despite the fact that I keep small livestock which are vulnerable to predation by a long list of wild animals that thrive around my backyard farm, I enjoy seeing them, even on … Continue reading