12 Native Plants for Food and Medicine

Native plants for food and medicine

Garden with these native plants for food and medicine, to provide for both humans and wildlife alike. Edibility, medicinal uses, and wildlife value are summarized for each plant. Great for a permaculture garden!

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Foraging for Spicebush and Spicebush Ice Cream Recipe

Foraging for spicebush and spicebush ice cream recipe

Identification, traditional uses, and an excellent spicebush ice cream recipe are featured in this introduction to foraging for spicebush, Lindera benzoin.

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4 Wild Winter Teas and a Chocolate Drink

Wild winter teas

Make wild winter teas with birch twigs, white spruce needles, white pine needles, and spicebush twigs! All offer health benefits, great flavor, or both. Also, try a wild wintergreen chocolate drink. No need to stop foraging in winter!

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Autumn Olive Jam and Why You Should Make It

Autumn olive jam

An invasive plant becomes a delicious jam. This autumn olive jam is made the old fashioned way, so it doesn’t separate. It’s thick, substantial, deliciously sweet-tart, and laden with health promoting anti-oxidants,

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Foraging Aronia Berries, Wild Super Food

Foraging Aronia Berries

Learn about identification, health benefits, and uses of chokeBerry, one of the less well known edible wild plants, in Foraging Aronia Berries. You will also learn not to confuse it with the better known chokeCHerry.

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Seedless Elderberry Apple Jam

Seedless elderberry apple jam

Great flavor from wild elderberries, and natural pectin from slightly under-ripe apples, blend perfectly in this old fashioned Seedless Elderberry Apple Jam. Delicious on toast, in pbj sandwiches, and mixed with plain yogurt. Try this one. It’s a winner.

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18 Best Foraging Blogs

18 Best Foraging Blogs

These 18 Best Foraging Blogs are a great resource, whether edible wild plants are food, medicine, or a curiosity for you. Blog authors are scientists, naturalists, chefs, homesteaders, and herbalists. Each is profiled to help you find what you need.

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Autumnberry ice cream pie with hazelnuts

Why not turn an invasive plant into an elegant dessert? This sumptuous pie starts with a nutty, no-bake graham cracker crust. It’s layered with a thick, sweet-tart autumnberry sauce made from the berries of the invasive shrub, autumn olive. Then … Continue reading


The American elderberry, Sambucus canadensis, also called common elderberry or wild elder, is native to eastern North America. It is sometimes considered to be the same species as Sambucus nigra, the European elderberry or black elderberry. The two are at … Continue reading

Black Huckleberries, Gaylussacia Baccata

Black huckleberries (Gaylussacia baccata) are a favorite wild edible because they are easy to find and identify, and tasty enough to eat by the handful. They taste similar to their wild blueberry cousins (Vaccinium spp.), but the larger seeds of … Continue reading