Autumn Olive Fruit Leather

Simple autumn olive fruit leather is made from the delicious, nutritious berries of an invasive shrub. Transform a pest into a resource with this recipe.

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4 Wild Winter Teas and a Chocolate Drink

Wild winter teas

Make wild winter teas with birch twigs, white spruce needles, white pine needles, and spicebush twigs! All offer health benefits, great flavor, or both. Also, try a wild wintergreen chocolate drink. No need to stop foraging in winter!

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Garlic Mustard Pesto with Baby Spinach

Garlic mustard pesto with baby spinach

This garlic mustard pesto is mellowed with baby spinach. Who would have thought a common weed could make such a delightful pasta sauce? It does. Put an invasive plant to good use with this tasty version of an Italian classic.

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Foraging Garlic Mustard, an Edible Invasive Plant

Foraging garlic mustard. Where to find it, and how to identify, harvest, and eat it.

Foraging garlic mustard is good for your health, your pocketbook, and the environment. Learn where to find it, and how to identify, harvest, and eat it.

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Milkweed Meal: ID it and Make Milkweed Radish Salad

Milkweed Radish Salad, made with shoots of common milkweed

Learn to identify common milkweed and use this recipe to make a milkweed meal. A simple salad of milkweed shoots and radishes is an easy and tasty way to enjoy this plant in spring. Cooking the radishes sweetens them and reduces the sharpness.

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Foraging Ethic

A foraging ethic is a code of behavior that guides one’s foraging activities in a way that minimizes impact. Harvest common species, avoid spreading invasive plants, tread lightly, and develop and awareness of other animals which depend on the foods you gather.

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Wintergreen: how to harvest it and make an alcohol extract

Wintergreen, Gaultheria procumbens

How to identify, locate, and harvest wintergreen leaves and berries, and use it to make an alcohol extract to give your culinary creations a wonderful minty flavor.

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Hawthorn berries: identify, harvest, and make an extract

Learn to forage for hawthorn berries and use them to make hawthorn berry extract.

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Cranberries from the wild

Wild large cranberries

Wild cranberries begin to ripen in September, but I like to wait until late October, or even November, to harvest them. They sweeten as the season progresses, especially if they are hit with a frost after they have already turned … Continue reading