Birch syrup ice cream with buttered hickory nuts

Birch syrup hickory nut ice cream - Copy (640x379)

Birch syrup is made from the sap of the paper birch (or black birch) tree, in the same way that maple syrup is made from the sap of the sugar maple tree. But the spicy, warm caramel flavor of birch … Continue reading

Hickory Nuts: Foraging for Pignut and Shagbark Hickory Nuts

Hickory nuts in a basket (640x453)

Most hickory nuts in the US are edible, the most popular one being the pecan, which has a limited range in the south. Here in central New England (and in much of the estern US), the most common hickories are … Continue reading

Autumn olive: foraging for autumnberries

Autumnberries in bowl (640x485)

Until recently, few people were aware that the berries of autumn olive, Elaeagnus umbellata, are edible. But the secret is out. More and more are harvesting these tasty fruits for both sweet and savory dishes. In addition to great flavor, … Continue reading

Elderberry ice cream with chocolate hazelnut crunch

Closeup elderberry i.c. with choc hazelnut (640x396)

Fruit purees and syrups add great flavor to ice cream, but the extra water can lead to crystallization, giving the ice cream a gritty texture. Not so with elderberry syrup. For whatever reason, elderberry syrup actually lends elasticity and smoothness … Continue reading

Hazelnuts: Foraging for American and beaked hazelnuts

Baskets of hazelnuts (640x502)

If I had to choose a favorite wild edible, it would be the hazelnut. Rich in protein, fat, and flavor, hazelnuts make a satisfying snack, and can be used in cooking wherever you would use their commercially available counterparts (called … Continue reading


Foraging for Elderberries: How to identify it, where to find it, and how to harvest it.

The American elderberry, Sambucus canadensis, also called common elderberry or wild elder, is native to eastern North America. It is sometimes considered to be the same species as Sambucus nigra, the European elderberry or black elderberry. The two are at … Continue reading

Black Huckleberries, Gaylussacia Baccata

basket of black huckleberries (604x640)

Black huckleberries (Gaylussacia baccata) are a favorite wild edible because they are easy to find and identify, and tasty enough to eat by the handful. They taste similar to their wild blueberry cousins (Vaccinium spp.), but the larger seeds of … Continue reading

Fresh Raspberry Ice Cream with Dark Chocolate Chips

Raspberry ice cream with dark chocolate chips (640x501)

Having trouble finding a homemade fresh raspberry ice cream recipe with a smooth, creamy texture that stays that way even after a week or more in the freezer? Lucky for you, you’ve stumbled upon one! It took a bit of … Continue reading

Blackberry Banana Ice Cream

Blackberry banana ice cream (640x489)

Here’s my blackberry banana ice cream recipe, which uses a custard base, my favorite technique for creating a sumptuously smooth mouth-feel. After making this ice cream, I was so pleased with the results that I googled to see if anyone … Continue reading