15 Trees for a Wildlife-Friendly, Edible Landsape

Trees for a wildlife-friendly, edible landscape

Want to transform your backyard to a food producing, wildlife-friendly garden? Start by choosing from these 15 trees for a wildlife-friendly, edible landscape. Wildlife value and edible parts of each tree are described.

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Gardening for Pollinators: 8 Tips

Gardening for pollinators: 8 tips

Pollinators are key species in all ecosystems, and you can help reverse their decline by gardening for pollinators with these 8 tips.

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Growing Corn in Small Spaces: 6 Tips

6 Tips for Growing Corn in Small Spaces

Follow these 6 tips for growing corn in small spaces, and you, too, can get delicious ears of corn full of plump, juicy kernels, from your own backyard.

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Leave seed heads for wildlife

Seed head of purple coneflower

Delay garden clean-up until spring, and leave the dead stalks and seed heads for wildlife. They provides food, water, and cover for many species.

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