Huckleberry Swirl Lemon Ice Cream Recipe

Huckleberry Swirl Lemon Ice Cream closeup (640x485)

Wondering what to to do with summer’s bounty of huckleberries or blueberries? This huckleberry swirl lemon ice cream recipe works wonderfully well with any type of huckleberry or blueberry. (However, that does not include the poorly named “garden huckleberry”, a … Continue reading

Black Huckleberries, Gaylussacia Baccata

basket of black huckleberries (604x640)

Black huckleberries (Gaylussacia baccata) are a favorite wild edible because they are easy to find and identify, and tasty enough to eat by the handful. They taste similar to their wild blueberry cousins (Vaccinium spp.), but the larger seeds of … Continue reading

Pros and Cons of Backyard Chickens

Rose Comb brown leghorn (640x524)

We hear so much about the wonderful benefits of raising chickens, but the truth is that it’s not for everyone. So I thought an honest discussion of the pros and cons of backyard chickens would be helpful. I am often … Continue reading

Fresh Raspberry Ice Cream with Dark Chocolate Chips

Raspberry ice cream with dark chocolate chips (640x501)

Having trouble finding a homemade fresh raspberry ice cream recipe with a smooth, creamy texture that stays that way even after a week or more in the freezer? Lucky for you, you’ve stumbled upon one! It took a bit of … Continue reading

Blackberry Banana Ice Cream

Blackberry banana ice cream (640x489)

Here’s my blackberry banana ice cream recipe, which uses a custard base, my favorite technique for creating a sumptuously smooth mouth-feel. After making this ice cream, I was so pleased with the results that I googled to see if anyone … Continue reading

Tracking Bobcats in Massachusetts

Bobcat Black and White (640x427)

I love wildlife, even predators. Yes, it’s true, despite the fact that I keep small livestock which are vulnerable to predation by a long list of wild animals that thrive around my backyard farm, I enjoy seeing them, even on … Continue reading