Seedless Elderberry Apple Jam

Seedless elderberry apple jam

Great flavor from wild elderberries, and natural pectin from slightly under-ripe apples, blend perfectly in this old fashioned Seedless Elderberry Apple Jam. Delicious on toast, in pbj sandwiches, and mixed with plain yogurt. Try this one. It’s a winner.

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15 Trees for a Wildlife-Friendly, Edible Landsape

Trees for a wildlife-friendly, edible landscape

Want to transform your backyard to a food producing, wildlife-friendly garden? Start by choosing from these 15 trees for a wildlife-friendly, edible landscape. Wildlife value and edible parts of each tree are described.

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Gardening for Pollinators: 8 Tips

Gardening for pollinators: 8 tips

Pollinators are key species in all ecosystems, and you can help reverse their decline by gardening for pollinators with these 8 tips.

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Growing Corn in Small Spaces: 6 Tips

6 Tips for Growing Corn in Small Spaces

Follow these 6 tips for growing corn in small spaces, and you, too, can get delicious ears of corn full of plump, juicy kernels, from your own backyard.

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Creating a Chicken Habitat with Tips from Jungle Fowl

Mottled cochin hen enjoying flowers, herbs, and weeds

Learn how the chicken’s wild relatives live, and use that for guidance in creating a chicken habitat that will keep your flock happy. Space, vegetation, and tips for making the most of a small area, are discussed.

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Baby Chick Playground

Baby chick playground

A simple, movable baby chick playground furnished with logs, branches, a nest box, food, and water provides great stimulation for growing chicks. I explain how we made ours, but you might fashion something similar from materials you have on hand.

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Prevent Frostbite of Chicken Combs

The Brahma is an excellent breed for extremely cold climates.

Prevent frostbite of chicken combs by choosing the proper breed. Learn why prevention is important, why certain breeds are more resistant, and why this simple solution is often ignored.

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Leave seed heads for wildlife

Seed head of purple coneflower

Delay garden clean-up until spring, and leave the dead stalks and seed heads for wildlife. They provides food, water, and cover for many species.

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